Prime Brokerage

The Prime Brokerage Services Group (“Celadon Prime”) provides prime brokerage and clearance services to hedge funds, trading groups, money managers, and qualified high net-worth investors globally. In addition, we provide specialized support services to registered investment advisors, banks, and other financial institutions. Our experienced operational, trading and client support professionals provide outstanding personalized service to each of our prime brokerage clients. Whether we are executing an international equity order; reconciling an “away” trade; preparing a customized portfolio report; or working with a fund administrator, Celadon Prime stands ready to meet your specific needs.

Celadon Prime offers a comprehensive suite of services:

For more information about Celadon Prime, to schedule an on-site visit, or to make arrangements to demo one of our DMA platforms, please contact us at 973-701-8033 or by e-mail at