Public Company Services

Caritas Partners Philanthropic Trading Division
Caritas Partners, a division of Celadon Financial Group, brings together decades of trading experience with a competitive approach to high impact philanthropy. Caritas (the Latin word for charity, one of the three theological virtues) is managed by two veteran NYSE specialists, Richard C. Naso and Donald Powell, and focuses on executing stock repurchase programs. What makes our service so unique is that Caritas works with public companies to advance their corporate social responsibility goals by contributing a predetermined portion of its brokerage commission to a qualified charity selected by the client. In addition, the client gets to choose the amount of Caritas’ commission. The higher the commission paid to Caritas to execute a share buyback, the greater the percentage of its commission dollars (up to 40%) that Caritas donates to a charity or social cause on the client’s behalf.

We put Wall Street commissions to work improving our client’s social impact and the return on their operating capital. Together with our corporate and institutional clients, Caritas Partners is putting stock in charity.

Employee Stock Option & Purchase Plans
Celadon assists public companies with the administration of their employee stock option and stock purchases. Acting as a preferred or captive broker, we assign a dedicated professional to each account, who takes the time to understand the needs of the company and its key employees.

Celadon works with our public company clients by (a) ensuring Pre-Clearance of Employee trades or (b) timely alerting them of undisclosed insider trades. We can also monitor sales by spouses and other family members, as well as family trusts, partnerships and other employee-related entities. At all times, we report transactions to our public company clients with the applicable EDGAR codes and monitor compliance with applicable pre-clearance procedures. By collecting this information and getting it to our clients quickly (in most cases, within hours), we make it easier for them and their insiders to comply with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and file their SEC Forms 4 and 5. In sum, we can minimize unpleasant surprises, giving our clients greater control over insider transactions in their company’s stock as well as easing their SEC reporting burdens.

Market Making for Public Company Clients
Celadon’s market-making experience can help public companies improve market liquidity and depth, as well as maintain orderly markets in their stock. We make two-sided markets in select stocks as a service to clients, and we accurately represent orders at all times. A client’s ability to execute at the best Bid or Ask price always comes first. In our market-making, as in all our agency trading, Celadon executes orders while keeping client identity and order size anonymous.