Investment Banking

Celadon assists emerging growth companies by providing the personalized guidance, in-depth analysis, and innovative structuring necessary to successfully raise capital in today’s challenging financial markets. Specializing in the complex capital needs of small growth companies with undervalued or undiscovered market potential, Celadon’s Investment Banking Division brings a broad range of expertise focused on the particular needs of our clients.

Whether raising capital for clients in a private placement, an initial public offering (IPO), or a secondary offering, we work collaboratively with publicly traded and private companies to find solutions that help them prosper,

Celadon utilizes a wide range of financial instruments including convertible debt, debt with warrants, common equity, and preferred equity to raise capital suitable to each client’s specific requirements. With a global perspective, we seek to structure financial packages that both meet the needs of the company and present favorable opportunities for investors. We also provide a broad range of consulting services to assist our investment banking clients in achieving their goals as their structure and requirements change over time.

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