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Celadon is a Star Partner of Overflow, a leading technology platform that has dramatically simplified the stock donation process.

Overall U.S. household wealth is at an all-time high due largely to gains in the stock market. In fact, equity holdings now make up about half of the $109.2 trillion of financial assets.*

While most nonprofits currently only fundraise for cash, today’s donors hold their wealth primarily in stocks. This fundamental misalignment is causing nonprofits miss out on significant donations each year.

But transferring ownership of stocks can be a complicated and cumbersome process. While many brokerage firms still require transfer forms to be printed, signed, and faxed to initiate a stock donation, Overflow has developed a robust digital donation experience that seamlessly transfers securities from the donor’s brokerage account to your organization’s brokerage account with Celadon. Donors can click on a button on your organization’s website to transfer securities within days in most cases instead of weeks or longer using traditional methods.

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*Source –, Bank of America, 10/01/2021