The Celadon Foundation

The Celadon Foundation is a private foundation committed to supporting like-minded organizations that focus on critical societal issues: ending hunger insecurity, promoting social and economic justice, protecting the environment, enabling the creative pursuit of science, and stopping voter suppression.

Giving Partners

Although the Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, it does not actively solicit third-party donations. Funding for the Foundation is derived primarily from trading revenue contributed by Celadon Financial Group.

Under the Giving Partners program, clients may direct the Foundation to donate that portion of Celadon’s contribution generated by the client’s account activity to any charity that meets the client’s philanthropic, corporate social responsibility and shared value goals. Should the client not have a particular charity in mind, the Foundation will present the client with suitable organizations for their consideration.

For further information about Giving Partners, please contact:
Paul Waldman, General Counsel, at (973) 701-8033 or